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Just a few of the online entertainers who’s shows I’ve worked on

Danny Orleans

Sidney Friedman

Joe Romano

Chris Michael


Josh Lozoff


Tom Pesce


Why work with a virtual director?

Working with a virtual director really is the secret to mastering virtual entertainment faster.  All the best virtual shows have a director to get you out of your own way and take an objective look at your show.

Bottom Line: If booking more virtual shows and having your audiences enthusiastically recommend your show to others sounds good, I can help!

Five Star Reviews


Tom Pesce Creator of "The Virtual Show"

“Zach, Thank you so much for that thoughtful and thorough critique! You were still WAY too kind! And awesome idea for the Statue of Liberty trick! I will try that and think it would look really cool that way.
Thanks so much again for all of this, Zach! I bought your book early on and loved it! I hope to catch one of your shows soon, and thanks again for the encouragement and support!”

Chris Michael Virtual Magician

“Zach, I'm gonna be honest with you, my show would be nowhere near as good without your help. You always kick my butt to get stuff done and my show is better for it. Thanks man.”

Tim Hannig Author of "Perform Better Shows"

“Thanks Zach for your thoughts. Lots of good info here!”

Josh Lozoff Creator of "Life is Magic"

“Hey Zach. Thank you SO much for everything. And for the writeup.”

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